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As soon as you see or hear a plumbing water leak in your home, it is critical to call Logan Plumbing Co. to get it repaired as soon as possible. This not only avoids damage to your precious home and it’s belongings, but also can spare you from expensive water bills. 

Common leaks such as dripping faucets and leaky water heaters can be fixed quick, but other leaks can go undetected for years. If you suspect a leak, but not sure if you have one, follow our guide for detecting a water leak using your home’s water meter. 

If, and when you have a leak, it is imperative that you contact Logan Plumbing Co. for a professional plumber to diagnose the problem. We will work with you to ensure your home is free from leaks by providing the best quality service in Cache Valley. 

Cache Valley Plumbing Leaks

There are various solutions to fix plumbing leaks, but it all depends on the type of leak you have. Our professionals can easily patch or replace leaky areas of piping with brand new pieces of pipe. If it’s a leaky fixture, a new seal or even complete replacement may be the best option. 

Our team is committed to providing the best, most practical services to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape, whatever the situation is. For those leaks that just can’t wait, our lines are open 24/7. Give us a call and let us help you stop your leaks before they cause headaches, stress, and damage. 

Signs can be obvious when it comes to plumbing leaks. You might wake up to puddles on the floor by your sink, or warping hardwood floor in your bathroom. These are all situations where you should call a plumber for Logan plumbing leak repairs. 

Most often, leaks can be impossible to see. These “hidden” leaks can be detected if you hear dripping water noises, or notice unusually high water bills. 

There is a simple test if you do think you have a water leak.

  1. Turn off all fixtures, faucets, and appliances that use water so you’re not actively using water in your home. 
  2. Take a look at your water meter. Take note of the dial. Is it moving or spinning and is the number changing?
  3.  Check the meter again after about an hour. If the dial or number has changed, this indicates that you’re using water, and you may need a Logan plumbing leak repair.

Our plumbing technicians can help find leaks with our trusted leak detection services. If you suspect you have a leak or would like regular maintenance, get in touch with our plumbers to provide timely and accurate plumbing leak repairs in Cache Valley.  

Most leaks can be hard to find. you may not even detect leaky plumbing until extensive and expensive damage has been done. If you are aware of these signs, you may be able to catch leaks early and prevent major problems by getting the necessary repairs done. 

Red flags for leaky plumbing may include:

  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Foul smells
  •  Low water pressure
  • High water bills 
  • Dripping noises
  • Moist Drywall
  • Peeling paint
  • Warped flooring
Whatever the leak is, you could be putting your family and wallet at risk. You may end up wasting money on high utility bills for water that has been wasted on small leaks. Think of all the gallons that could be going to waste every year just by a couple of drops every minute. 

Mold and mildew growth hazards can also be caused by increased and unwanted moisture. Other health risks can be caused by drain and sewer leaks in your home.

It is best to find and repair leaks as soon as possible, as they always tend to get worse. If you noticed any of these signs of plumbing leaks, contact a plumbing expert in Cache Valley today. Our team can find and repair the leak saving you time, money, and the risks mentioned above. 

Unusually high water bills can be a good indicator that you have some sort of water leak in your home’s plumbing system.

Follow these steps to use your home’s water meter to detect leaks:

  1. Make sure no water is being used inside or outside of your house, this means turning off all faucets, fixtures, and appliances.
  2. Find your water meter and check the leak indicator to see if it is moving. Most water meter brands have a small triangular shaped dial or a small silver wheel that rotates when water is flowing through the meter. If the dial is moving,  you may have a leak.
  3. You can also take a meter reading. After  waiting 1-2 hours take another meter reading (make sure no water is used during this time). If the reading has changed, chances are, you have a leak.

Let a Logan Plumbing Co. professional help you diagnose your leak and fix it before damage to your home and bank account happen. Call us now.

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