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All types of drains clog over time so it is crucial to keep them clean. Regular maintenance performed by our Logan master plumbers keep your pipes clean by clearing clogs and ensure they won’t leak or break, saving you lots of money in the long run. If you have a clogged kitchen drain, stopped up toilet, or a blocked air conditioning line running to your bathroom sink, call a Logan certified plumber immediately. 

Why Should I Hire A Logan Plumber to clean my drain?

Clogged drains and toilets are a normal part of owning a home. When this happens, many people run to the store and grab the cheapest cleaner to do the job. As this can help immediately, there are many benefits to hiring a plumbing expert to do the service professionally. When you hire a master plumber from Logan Plumbing Co. for drain cleaning, you’re getting access to years of experience, drain-safe tools, and peace of mind knowing that your drain was cleaned the right way, the first time.   

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Drain Cleaning Logan UT

Leave the drain cleaning to a professional

Drain cleaning and clog clearing is a job best left to the pro’s. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring an expert Logan plumber for your home’s next drain cleaning project:

Even though some people swear by home remedies to clear their clogs, they just don’t work. Clogs can appear easy to clear at first, but are usually tougher than first thought. You may have heard of these common home clog clearing remedies. Here’s why we suggest to save your time and money and hire a professional plumber. 

Hot Water and Dish Soap

Ever heard to boil water and pour it down your drain to clear your clog? The problem here is that most PVC pipes aren’t made to withstand boiling water. The truth is that PVC and the glue holding the joints underneath your sink can be damaged by water that is warmer than 140℉ degrees. It can be difficult to heat your water just to the right temperature, but not too much, and then to hope it will still be that temperature by the time you pour it down the drain until it reaches the clog. This method also relies on the thinking that trapped grease is the problem, which is usually a long shot. 

Coat Hanger

A wire coat hanger has long been used clear clogged drains and pull out whatever may be causing stoppage. Before you go rummaging through your closet, consider this. First, coat hangers may not be long enough to reach the clog. Second, you’ll likely be unable to clear out everything that is causing the clog, which will eventually lead you right back to where you started.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This home remedy calls for, again, pouring hot water down your PVC pipe drain, then flushing it with baking soda and vinegar. While this may clear mild clogs, the mixture will never be strong enough to impact stronger, deeper clogs. 

Think of the plumbing tools you have at your home. Other than a plunger, and a wrench, most homeowners don’t have access to the necessary equipment used by professional plumbers on a daily basis.  Having the right tools for clearing drain and pipe blockages make Logan Plumbing Co., an easy choice for your next drain cleaning job. Here’s some of the tools we use:


Almost everyone has a toilet plunger at home. Master plumbers , however, utilize multiple plungers ranging from a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of these plungers play a different role in clearing your toilet, sink, and shower drain.

Sink Auger

This tool, also known as a ‘drum auger,’ is a special steel cord tool that plumbers use to snake into the bends of drains to push and clear clogs. This specialized tool is usually used for larger pipes and can be very effective in unclogging stubborn piping. 

Snake Tools

Our team of professionals carry all different types of snake tools depending on whatever situation you may find yourself in. Snake tools come in contact with whatever is causing the blockage and dislodge it to safely unclog the drain. Depending on the drain, pipe, and clog, we use the drain snake tool to keep your drains flowing as they should. 

Endoscopic ‘Snake’ Camera

A snake camera is super effective in diagnosing your clog and taking the needed steps to clear it. This tool is particularly helpful as we can watch the live video with you to give you a better understanding of what’s going on in your home’s piping system. 

Hydro Jets

The last tool that helps us best clear your drain are high pressure water jets that, when sprayed in your plumbing system, can blast through deep, stubborn clogs. Hydro jetting will not cause any damage to your piping, and is a very eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. 

If you’ve ever had a tough clog, you may have considered buying chemical drain cleaners at your local hardware store. As these chemicals can bring seemingly quick solutions, there are many drawbacks.

Incapability: These chemicals are usually not strong enough to break through stubborn clogs, and rarely clear the clog completely.

Pipe Damage: Another downfall is the potential damage that chemicals can do to your home plumbing system, even when advertised as safe. 

Storage: Many homeowners are often weary about storing harmful chemicals, especially when living with children or pets. These products can be very dangerous and should be kept out of the way in a cool, dark place. 

Safety: Because these chemicals are so dangerous, it is imperative that you know what you’re doing and use the proper protective equipment when handling the job, such as gloves and glasses. Afterwards, the container should be treated as hazardous waste material and disposed of properly.

As you can see, drain cleaning chemicals are not a great method to clear your home’s clogged plumbing system. For many reasons, it’s best to leave the job to Logan Plumbing Co. professional plumbers who have years of experience in clearing all types of clogged drains. 

Every clog is different and every situation should be handled in a unique way. Oftentimes, buildup of certain materials, like grease or hair, can lead to a clogged drain. It can be easy to assume what is causing the clog, but it can be impossible to be sure unless seen by a master plumber. 

In some cases, you may know what’s in your drain – and want it back. Time and time again, our team is on a service call with a mission to recover whatever has been lost down the drain. This usually includes jewelry, like earring or your precious wedding ring that has been flushed down the drain. This is the job of a Logan professional plumber. Using our wide range of tools, we can easily locate your valuables and recover them in a safe manner. 

A clogged shower, toilet, or sink drain can indicate many problems occurring in your home plumbing system. It may be a sign of something much worse. 

If you experience simultaneously clogged drains, contact a Logan plumbing professional immediately. This can indicate that sewer lines deep in your plumbing system are blocked leading to a backup that could cause lots of damage. Attempting to clear a clog in this situation can worsen the problem by adding more water and increasing the buildup or pressure of the clog. 

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